Camberley Lodge No.5591

Exchange - PM Jewel for the Lodge History?

W.Bro. Trevor Leonard presents a Camberley Lodge Past Masters Jewel to W.Bro. Don Foster
W.Bro. Don Foster presents a copy of the lodge History to W.Bro. Trevor Leonard

These photographs were taken at the Camberley Lodge meeting of 3rd March 2009 when W.Bro. Trevor Leonard, Worshipful Master of Holdfast Lodge No. No. 30 (S.A.C.), Adelaide, Australia, presented a Camberley Lodge Past Master's Jewel to Camberley Lodge Worshipful Master W.Bro. Don Foster, who in turn presented W.Bro. Leonard with a copy of the lodge history.

The Jewel was originally presented to W.Bro. P.W.S. (Percy) White after serving as Worshipful Master of Camberley Lodge in 1949-1950.

W.Bro. Leonard was presented with the jewel after serving as Worshipful Master of Lewis Lodge No. 77 (S.A.C.) in Adelaide. After the lodge closed he felt that it should be returned to Camberley Lodge.

But how did it find its way to Lewis Lodge in Adelaide?




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